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how do you say people in hindi? logo?

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    log and logon ( plural )

    People in hindi "Log".
    and Log is a also plural word in its self i think.
    in English we have only one word "People" to frame any sentence. we use only this word, but in hindi we can use more than one word for Eg,
    in English:- People said...
    in hindi:- logon ne kaha....
    log bol rahe the.....


    Hindi inherits greater share of words from Sanskrit. It also draws words from Persian, Arabic etc.

    For people, there is a word, 'LOG' or we can better write it as 'LOAG' as it is pronunciated as 'load' in english.

    The other word is 'Jana'. This is drawn directly from Sanskrit.

    The derived words are:

    'Janapriya' i.e. Dear to people.

    'Janashakti' i.e. Power of the people.

    Yes, We say Log (Singular) / Logo (Plural) to the people in Hindi language ie Sub log (Everybody).

    'Logo' is neither singular nor plural in hindi,for people.

    Plural is also 'loag'. As it can be seen as nominative case.

    'Loago' can be Address mode or the plural modification in instrumental case.

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