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Tagalog Numbers

Can anyone help me with tagalog numbers? Can anyone explain to me the basics? I'm filipino but I don't know that well because I talk in my dialect not tagalog.

What is 100 in tagalog? or 50? 1,000?

please clarify the "put"/"pung"? what is this? do u put this with the number all the time??

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    100 in tagalog is isangdaan
    50 is limampu
    1000 is isang libo

    isa = 1 (one)
    libo = thousand
    daan = hundred
    pu = tens place

    ex: 5000 = limang libo
    500 = limangdaan
    50 = limang pu or limampu

    (ng is usually added to the tagalog term of the number and when the tagalog term for the number ends with a vowel a e i o u)

    na is added when it ends with a consonant
    ex: 4 = apat (four)
    40 = apat na pu

    "put" is used this way:

    PU AT = pu't

    44 = apatnaPU'T apat

    "pung" is used this way;

    ex: ~ 40 chickens ~

    translation: apatnaPUNG manok
    *40 = apatnapu
    *chickens = manok

    pung or adding of -ng is used to indicate the number of chickens in this case.

    I hope it helped.

    Good luck!

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