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Does Filipino students studying pressure is heavy?

I gonna come to Philippines university next year.But i'am a little afraid that i can't catch up with the lessons.Because Filipino students has English lessons all way along from their chindhood.If Filipino classes are hard ,i think i will die!
Can you tell me the how difficult are the tests at university?

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    It is true that we had English lessons since our childhood but it is also a fact that Filipinos don't use English outside the classroom. Some would even reach the college level without having a good command of the language.

    The 'pressure' varies depending on the standards of the university, and the study habits of the students. I have many Chinese and Korean classmates, some are having a hard time, and some are even scholars. Surely, there will be language barrier at first, but as long as you can understand and converse in English (even a little bit), you will soon overcome it. You only need to have the will.

    The medium of teaching is commonly the English language. If ever the professor speaks in Filipino, you can ask him to have it in English, or just ask your seatmate. They will understand you.

    University entrance exams are usually composed of English, Math, Science, Filipino, and Logic (I don't know if foreign students take the same test) It is always in the form of multiple choice questions but the level of difficulty depends on the university standards.

    Exams during classes depend on the university, subject and the professor. Usually, they give different sets of exams to foreign students in consideration.

    Also, don’t worry about your new environment because I’m sure you'll be at ease because Filipinos are friendly, helpful and considerate especially to foreigners. I know you'll also find a good population of Chinese students in your new university. (If ever we'll be in the same university, I can even help you myself)

    you don't have to worry that much... i used to have a korean classmate but he don't find it hard because we helped him... filipinos are naturally helpful... hehehe...
    you can also approach your professor if you find it hard to cope up with the lesson and i'm sure they will help you... some professors also give consideration to foreigners...

    you just have to be friendly, more friends more help....

    learning few tagalog words will also be helpful...
    At what university will you be studying? I am from the University of the Philippines.

    You shouldn't be afraid that you won't be able to catch up with the lessons because of the language barrier. I once had a Chinese classmate, but she managed to have good grades because most of us helped her cope up. Our professor was very considerate of her too (but still fairly considering the whole class of course).

    The type of tests given in our university varies, depending on the professor. It isn't difficult unless you know how to answer and express your thoughts.

    Don't worry. It isn't that hard. Jiayous!

    oki for instance alot of countries were importing many filipinos to work for there if your thinking that you will die in a hard class why dont you think that studying hard would lead you in a fascinating life of why not study in a hard way am i rigth??????in addition you can easily find a good job.........

    its just simple if you really want to learn even how hard the lesson or exam that you been taken just study hard and for sure you will get what you want to learn pressure is juat a part of all things in studying...

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