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Is there any idioms about women used in your country?


There might be a lot of usages or idioms related with women. For example, in China, we say"三个女人一台戏" (Three women will make it a real drama.) or “女子无才便是德”(Ignorance is a woman's virtue. It is no long what people think nowadays.)
Is there any interesting saying in your country and you can share with us in both your native language and English?

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    It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.


    "Самая глупая женщина сладит с умным мужчиной, но с дураком сладит лишь самая умная".
    Редьярд Киплинг

    "The most foolish woman can manage a clever man, but only intelligent woman can manage fool one ".
    Rudyard Kipling


    Женский язык острее турецкой сабли.
    Female tongue worse than the Turkish sword.
    Female tongue is sharper than turkish sword

    Hi, these sound more like proverbs. Australian proverbs are British ones since the British settled Australia. eg A woman's work is never done or Women in politics are like monkeys in glass houses.[ Irish]
    Australian slang for a woman is 'sheila'. Australian idioms about women: 'She's on the wallaby track' meaning the woman is unemployed. 'She's up the creek without a paddle' means that the woman is in trouble.

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