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how do i say my name in korean

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    you say
    Hello, I'm (your name) or Hello, My name is (name)
    in korean

    First you need to greet the person(s) by saying Hello
    Hello is "Annyeonghaseyo"(Annyeong is basically informal way of saying Hi, like saying hi to friends, Annyeonghaseyo is the formal way of saying hello, just like someone older than you or someone you don't know or someone that you want to be polite.)
    and then when you say your name
    My name is (name)
    you say "Ji ireum - eun (name) imninda" ( the pronounciation is pretty hard) so just pronounce it like this
    Ji ireum - eun (name) imnida <----------------- how it looks like
    Ji urum - un (name) imnida <----------------- this is how I say it

    If you want to write it it would look like this
    안녕하세요, 제 이름은 [your name] 입니다
    Hello, Ji ireum-eun (name) imnida

    well, that's the only things that I can tell you
    i'm just a begginer too ~!~! well try hard!~!~!

    What's your name?

    as far as i know, you can simply say....

    저는 ____입니다 [ jeo-neun ____ imnida ] ~ polite
    나는 ____입니다 [ na-neun ____ imnida ] ~ impolite

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