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Definitions for Chinese boy names

My mom says the name "An-Jie" means well-rounded & generous. However, her English is not the best so I am just wondering if this is the best translation? And she says "Tai-Yang" means great, wide peaceful ocean? They sometimes have a hard time expressing things in English. I want to know the definitions of my sons names, this is what my parents always told me but they don't speak English very well so maybe this is not an accurate definition? Thanks for your help!!

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    if "Tai-Yang" is "太洋" ,your parents's explain is right ,maybe it's include the meaning "foreign flavour"?this is my opinion.
    i can't correspond the "An-Jie" to chinese word ,so i don't know it's meaning..

    I agree with spysnake.
    In fact each Chinese character has its own meaning, if you randomly combine two in a name,it won't produce a phrase but only a general meaning.Owing to the fact that lots of charaters share the same pronunciations,I really have no idea what An-Jie would be?Perhaps "安杰"?But it does not exactly mean well-rounded &generous,I'm afraid...
    Tai-Yang could be 泰洋 too.

    *Oh,sorry,I didn't see your question is about Taiwan dialect.I know nothing about that.Maybe "An-Jie" truely has such a meaning in dialect like what you have said in your post.

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