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what do you do when you feel sad?

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    I will try to distract my mind to something else. For example, going to the gym or driving.
    But actually, I hate thinking too much, when I have a goal or somthing else to do, I will do it without thinking anything else. And it WORKS.

    go shopping/keep eating

    listening music

    Do sth I want to at that moment maybe listening music or shopping like these two above, or just sleeping as well or something...

    cry, and then go to sleep. and forget what makes me sad when i wake up.

    I will go out for travelling.

    cry then go for something....

    usually i choose go to stay with my friend or go outside to have a short trip to make me calm down.

    i must do something so i can forget it temporary.

    what's wrong with you? as usual, I maybe find my best friend,and talk with them . after that i will get better.

    play pc games

    have a cup of coffee,and enjoy the tea time with some friends.stay alone on bed ,and watch some TV.

    find a paper and write my lover's name again and again.

    washing clothes or chatting with my friends

    do exercise ,sing songs, sleeping and so on ,you 'll forget sadness

    watching scary movies, if still, then hit the bed or disturb a best friend and grab him or her to go around with me. heyheyhey!

    if just a little bit sad, I smoke, if it's very sad, I drink, if very very sad, I cry.

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