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anybody know the meaning fo the word“vitars”

I think ,er,“vit- ”is a prefix in latin with the meaning of life. “ars” in latin means art .so I creat this word to present life art.and we want to make this word our company‘s name.but I not sure about the right meaning of this word we it proper for a company?thanks !

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it is a toy company,we want to combine “life” and“art” in it‘s name.but since “Vit- ” has some decent meaning I think maybe it is not a good there any body can help me find a prefix which both means life and has some positive meanings?Is ”Aetas“ Ok?

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by the way ,here life refers to living rather than age.thanks

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I think Vitars is easy to pronounce,hihi
and it is created by us,hihi

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    Vit- is also the beginning of the verb 'vito', which means 'to avoid, to shun'. 'Vitium' means 'fault, crime, defect'.
    Vita refers to life as far as age and refers more to people than objects or companies. 'Aetas' means 'life, time, age, an age' and has fewer words similar to it.
    However, Vitars is a decent company name but I do not know since I have no idea what the company is about.

    I'm not sure if "Vitars" and "Aetas" are both Latin words.
    Why don't you choose a name that easily to pronounce.

    I like Vitars

    No digo que sea un nuen nombre pero creo que la mezcla seria:

    ars vitalis
    vita artistica

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