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have you seen the movie Twilight? dying with someone i love seems good way to go

i just saw that movie and i like the man who acts the vampire. he's cool and gentle. and i think living with the vampire like him doesn't scare me because the vampires of his kind don't eat human but just annimals. so it's safe. and i love his family because they are so friendly and nice...

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    It is just a movie. Unfortunately real world is different.
    But if you want to dream, dream. Maybe you will find your "vampire".

    Though I am not a gril, gree with you !

    I watched this movie before and love it too. I also read the books,"Twilight" "New Moon" "Eclipse" "Breaking Dawn". It is wonderful that they have a baby and be together at the end. I am looking forward the movie of "New Moon", because the leading actress and actor are not change.

    I love the movie. It is so beautifull.

    Umm~,a story among a group of Vampires who do not have converntional physical feature. For my part,the person who play Edward should have been more glamorous.

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