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what is the type of chinese language that chinese in malaysia use??anyone can help me???

i'm from malaysia n i have so much chinese friends so i decide to learn chinese becouse i want to improve my relation with them..suprise!!!

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    Mandarin and cantonese are widely spoken.

    i am not sure what kind of chinese they use, but sure it is not mandarin. Most probably they are from southern chinese descent, so, some southern dialect must be the most common. probably hakka. why is a susprise you want to improve relationship?

    i'd like you to tell me if there is much difference between bahasa malay and bahasa indonesia. if yes, what the main differences are.

    i m a malaysia chinese, so i can tell u wat kind of chinese am i using....
    actually we use simplified chinese (writing-it is being used by China, singapore, malaysia chinese)
    and then the language is same....the only difference is our pronounciation always mixed with cantonese, english, this is quite special...and only occur in malaysia...

    if u have further problem, u can ask me via msn,

    Terima KAsih

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