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Please offer some slangs to me,thank you!

I want to know some cultrue about English,so need learn some slangs,please everyone offer to me,thank you!

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    G'day mate, let's grab a few tinnies and hop in the ute and head to Bluey's cause he gonna thro some snags on the barbie.

    The translation of this sentence containing Australian slang might be:

    Hello my friend, let us get some cans of beer and drive over to Bluey's (nickname given to a man with red hair) house in the utility (ute - vehicle like a small truck) because he is having a barbeque (barbie) and will be cooking some sausages (snags).

    As slang in one country or even states within a country will differ, you would have to use the slang local to a particular area.

    If you use Google and do a search on Australian Slang, American Slang and English Slang you will probably find slang dictionaries and slang phrases for those countries.

    Check out these following sites:

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