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Quando usar "OF THE" e quando usar apenas "OF" em Inglês.

A minha dúvida é quando usar "of the" e quando usar "of' sem o "the".

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    Hello Renan,
    "Of" is a preposition and it shows the relationship of something to something else. Shows someone or something is contained or included in something else.
    Some of my favorite songs.
    Some of the favorite songs

    "The" is a definite article to make a noun definite and determined, so you can use " of the" whenever you want to define the noun after. In the last example "my" is used as a possessive pronoun to indicate that the "favorite songs" are mine, they are defined as belonging to me. You could also use " the" instead:
    'Some of the favorite songs'.
    Here the favorite songs are just defined without determining to whom they belong.

    Other examples:
    Seasons of the year .
    You can't say "seasons of year" because the noun "year" needs to be definite.

    Put some of your money in the bank .
    Here the money is defined by the pronoun "your" to indicate it is your possession.
    Put some of the money in the bank.
    Here you use "of the" to make the noun "money" definite without determining the possessor.
    So "the" will be used after "of" to define the following noun without determining the type of relation something has to something else .

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