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Are "floor" and "flaw" pronounced the same... PRBritish/Scottish/Australian/South African/etc/YOUR English?

I know in PR/Aus/NZ, the "r" is not enunciated as in General American, but are the vowels the same?

IPA: [ɔ], [ɑ], [ɒ]?? IPA help appreciated!

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    In England, yes :-)

    Not even similar here. (obviously!)

    Well, but what part of american english?

    In Boston accent they're identical, but theyr'e different everywhere else.

    To pronounce with the traditional Boston 'lockjaw', hold your teeth together and talk through them.

    I can't hear a difference in Bostonian, can you?

    in america...
    no they are not said the same... floor is said like "floh-er" and flaw is said like "flaw" the aw at the end sounds like you are saying awww to something cute. it is like saying ahh and uuuh at the same time.

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