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I need some russian quotes...

can anybody help me??? I need some russian quotes with their meanings and if s possible, a brief explanation... thanks!

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    Politic quotes:
    -Хотели, как лучше, а получилось, как всегда - "we wanted to do as better, but it occurred as always" (as far as i remember it's imperishable expression of Michail Gorbachiov) means we tried hard but only made the situation worse
    -Мухи отдельно - котлеты отдельно - "flies separated of cutlets, cutlets separated of flies" (favourite expression of Vladimir Putin)
    -Не торопись, а то успеешь - "don't hurry or you'll be in time" (Alexander Lebed, mayor of Krasnoyarsky krai)
    -показать кузькину мать - "show them the Kuzia's mother" (Khrushiov, if i'm not wrong) means "to win a victory over your competitors"
    -дать по мясу - "to kick their ass" (the same author)
    It's not quotes actually - i'd rather call it idioms

    If You need humor quotes? you may read

    Нет некрасивых женщин, бывает мало водки. (There are no unattractive women, only too little vodka).


    "Влюбленные часов не наблюдают" - "People in love do not note the time/ what hour". This is a very popular quote from Griboedov's Woe from Wit.
    Another catch phrase from Woe from Wit::
    "Свежо предание, а верится с трудом" - "It's a new story, but hardly believable". (sorry for the rough translation). The meaning is: the story is about a recent event, but full of wrong details and lie. It's a satirical phrase.

    Много будешь знать - скоро состаришься!
    Usually said to a person, who is too much curious. Literally - If you will know much - will get older soon.
    I think its folkloric paraphraze of famouse thought from the Gospel: Во многия знания многия печали...
    Яблоко от яблони недалеко падает - the apple never falls far from the tree
    О вкусах не спорят - there is not accounting for taste
    Скажите в двух словах - put it into a few words
    Поставь себя на мое место - Put yourself into my place
    У меня нет к этому никакого отношения - I have nothing to do with this
    Слезами горю не поможешь - it's no use crying over spilt milk
    Один в поле не воин - one swallow does not make a summer
    Нет дыма без огня - there is not smoke without a fire

    Sudsey told the best quote lol...[thumbs up] (of course in a funny way)

    Если смотреть трезво на вещи, то невольно хочется выпить.
    If you look sober at things, you want to drink. Something like that, and it's true (

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