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How to find work as an English Teacher in Brazil

I traveled to Salvador, Bahia Brazil 10 years ago. I fell in love with the culture and the people. How does an American become an English teacher in Brazil?

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    I found some jobs listed here. Maybe it is useful to you -
    This one too -

    I think what you want words and translation, example: Love = amor, Life = Vida... enter in this site:

    Well, first of all: only being a native does not alow a person to teach her mother tongue - if it was like that, any person could be a teacher of english in USA. For teaching languages, you must study - in a technical course ou a university - subjects as "linguistics", "teaching methodologies", "learning development" and so on - besides being fluent on the skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) of the language you are going to teach. If you are already a language teacher, it wont be so difficult to find a job here. In Brazil, there are many English Courses where you can leave your curriculum. Look on the internet and you will certainly find some. Type "cursos de ingles em salvador" in - if you want to work in Salvador - Bahia. There are also schools and universities where u can teach. Good Luck!
    Aline :)

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