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Could the long distance realtionship run well?

as instance relationship through internet (a instant messaging or a social networking)

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    Hello Eka,
    It has the same probability to succeed or fail like any other relation that started by meeting at work place or in a social gathering. How they met in the first place is not crucial , how the relation goes from there determines the outcome of the relation.

    anything is possible

    to my experience, I would say NO. but if it does, please tell me how.
    it is possible but in most cases it is not running well

    I think it depends on how long it remains "long distance" until you both see each other and remain in the same area.
    Eventually a couple should be in the same area otherwise it'll be nearly impossible to have an actual relationship.

    No, no and no. You don't know anything about the person except what they have told you.

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