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como uso el plural en ingles ?

En que tengo que basarme para hacer uso del plural en las palabras en ingles? asi como tambien como usar este plural, es decir que tengo que agregarle al final de las palabras en plural?

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    Hello Mikael,
    As a rule forming the plural in English is by adding "s" to the end of the noun :
    apple apples
    Some plurals are formed differently :
    - Words ending in 'Y' Add 'ies' if 'Y' follows a consonant
    candy candies
    - Words ending in 'CH" Add 'ES':
    watch watches
    peach peaches
    - Some exception to the plural rules:
    man men
    woman women
    person people
    child children
    Just learn those exceptions by heart.
    Good luck:)

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