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Engel weinen

Do some of you know the German song "Engel weinen"? There is a sentence in the lyrics that "Engel weinen, Engel leiden, Engel fühln sich mal alleine". However, as far as I know, "Engel" is a single form, and "Engeln" is its plural form. So, why the verbs are in forms of "weinen", "leiden" and "fühlen"? Thanks!

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    The word "Engel" is singular and plural at the same time:
    der Engel: Singular
    die Engel: Plural

    In the song, it is implicitly implied that they speak about all angels (or angels in general). Hence they use the plural. (Note the line "Sie verzweifeln wie jeder andere". "Sie" is a clear plural marker.)

    By the way, it's a song of "Ben featuring Gim", see for instance

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