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One of english phrases - when people in love show their affection by touching by noses :)

Does anyone know (especially my question is to native speakers) there is any english expression when lovers touch themselves with their noses? In Polish it's "noski, noski, eskimoski". I found that it can be "nuzzle" or "snuggle" but do you say anything, like during taking pictures you say "cheese"?

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    "Nuzzling" can mean to root or touch with the nose. In romance, it can mean just getting close and being snug. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the nose.
    However, if I saw two people rubbing noses, I'd probably use "nuzzling". I can't think of a better word.
    Like the Poles, we do have a phrase - "making like Eskimos".
    You couldn't say "nosing" because that verb is used to describe looking uninvited into other peoples private affairs and has a negative feel to it.

    You can say 'an Eskimo greeting'. The Maoris of New Zealand have the same tradition.
    the ultimate show of love is when you pick someone else's nose!

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