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Which russian name do Russian people like best?(Female and Male)

I am learning Russian in school now,my Russian name is Наташа.I like my Russian name very much.My classmates are called Анна Вера Елена Лилия Эмма Люба Павел Ян Марина Надя Оля Голя.I have two Russian teachers teach us Russian,one is called Саша,the other is called Зоя.I'm very interested in Russian name. I have many Russian friends on Italki,most of them like Саша this name,i don't know why?I think it's just so so.My favourite Russian male name is Андрей and female name is Наташа. SO DEAR FRIENDS WHAT"S YOUR IDEA?

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    To be honest I’ve never heard such a name like Голя, though you probably misprint in Галя, if not your teachers are wrong. My favourite names are Филипп (m) & Inga (f), they aren’t Slavonic but rather spread in Russia.


    About Russian names look here
    and here

    My name is Natasha and I like it^)))

    I have lived in Russia for 13 years and the most of people's names are Natasha , Masha , Sveta - These are female names . Ruslan , Sasha , Jenya , man name.

    There is a lot of good names. Male - Sergey, Oleg, Ivan, Nikolai, Evgenii.
    Female - Elena, Ol'ga, Irina, Tat'jana, Ekaterina. My name - Vjacheslav. Short form - Slava.

    my name is Alina
    and it hasn't short form

    My name is Дима. It's very popular in russia.
    I like the names: Оля, Юля
    In Russia very popular such names as: Наташа, Катя, Лена, Аня (female), and Саша, Дима (male).

    By me "Лиза" (Елизавета) is favorite russian female name.
    As for the male's... well, I like old slavonic names like my own, "Владислав", and "Святослав", "Вячеслав", "Игорь", "Олег" also.
    my favourite male names are: Nikita, Kirill, Konstantin, Nikolay, Yuriy, Sergey, Alexey, Alexander...

    female names: Yana, Kira, Kristina, Daria, Olga, Nadezhda (sounds on russian like "hope"), Ljubov ("love"), Vera ("Faith"), Irina, Oksana

    Ivan is definitely right!
    Голя is not common for Russia! ;);)

    I have had many Russian friends over the years who were called; Ivanka, Nona, Larissa, Oleg, Gregor, Sergei and Tania.

    I like such female names as Marina, Polina, Valeria, and male names Dmitryi, Ruslan :)

    Viktor, Arkadi, Jevgeni and Maxim for male

    And Anastasia, Yelena and Tatjana for female

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