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What is the relationship between a hot dog and a dog?


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    "Hot dog" came from a comic。. In 1906, the sausage in the United States remains a novelty food, there are a variety of terminologies, such as the "Frankfurt sausage," "Frank sausage," "Vienna sausage",and there is " Technip-chen sausage dog "。the dog have long bady ,short legs.and very similar to the species.

    "Hurst reported that" the cartoonist Tad Dorgan to see the dog-type sausages and hear their cries Hawker, improvisation drew a cartoon

    .But he has forgotten how to spell dachshund (Technip-chen), he had no choice but to write a word is “dog”, the result written in the "Come and buy hot dogs."

    no relationship

    well i think theirs no link on to them...

    Right johny!!

    hmm... Perhaps is just a riddle for us to guess.

    hot dog = 热狗 (一种食物但不是狗肉做的)
    dog = 狗

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