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translation problem

hi ,
i was wondering if anyone can help me with this translation.
I have to translate in norwegian :

Once upon a time there was a small town in the NOrth,with few streets,
about 30 shops and not many people.
Nights were dark in winter and bright in summer. This city was by the sea, beside a fjord, and people lived of fishing. Almost all men were fishers , good people but payless/poor. Some businessmen came by there, now and then , to buy fish, and in those days the city-centre was busy .

THANKS everybody !!!
i know it's a weird text ;P

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    Det var en gang en liten by mot nord, med få gater, rundt 30 butikker og ikke så mange mennesker. Nettene var mørke om vinteren og lyse om sommeren. Denne byen lå ved havet, ved en fjord, og folket levde av fiske. Nesten alle mann var fiskere, gode mennesker, men fattige. Nå og da kom det noen forretningsmenn for å kjøpe fisk, og i de dager var bysenteret et travelt sted.

    - Det var en gang = once upon a time
    - by = town
    - nettene = plural definite of "natt" (night), thus literally "the nights", used in the same sense as English "nights" here.
    - nord = north
    - butikk = shop
    - menneske = human, person, people
    - vinter = winter
    - sommer = summer
    - fiske (noun) = fishing
    - å fiske (verb) = to fish
    - fattig = poor
    - forretningsmann = businessman
    - å kjøpe = to buy
    - nå og da = now and then
    - travel = busy
    - sted = place

    Hope this is of any help:) It reminds a bit of the fairy-tales I used to hear when I was a kid:P

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