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kohre men kaid rang

This year we're translating (or more trying to translate) Govind Mishras novel. Below i will write down four sentences we had problems with. I'll be grateful for any ideas how to translate the properly.

1. ab jahan tak ho sakega vah admi ki basti se dur-dur calna cahegi, taki khud ko shuddh rakh sake, use apne se hi durgandhna ane lage...
-> most problems we had with the part "use apne se hi durgandh na ane lage"

2. ...kahega ki uske dharmtirth hain, jabki dekho to dharm tummen kahan, narmada (the river) men hai.
---> most problems we had starting from "jabki" on.

3. narmada se tumhen apne men utarna hai. (it's utaarna actually -> long vowel)
---> that we coulnd't figure out at all.

4. par tum to usi ko nasht karne par tule hue ho.
--> we argued a lot about the translation of this sentence. I'm very curious about your ideas!


Additional Details:

it's durgandh na, not durgandhna

Additional Details:

please, someone's got to have an idea for at least one of the sentences!??

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