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what's the difference between "i want"and "i'd like"?

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    I usually use "I'd like" when it's a softer context.

    For example:

    If asking someone else to do something or if someone else is involved in the desired outcome:

    "I'd like to work with you"
    "I'd like you to help me with this project"
    "I'd like some more water"


    "I want to eat fish"
    "I want to go on vacation"
    "I want to buy this magazine"

    I hope that helps.

    nycguy's answer is already correct, but maybe i can add a little bit to it. i think "i'd like" also is associated with people you don't know very well yet. for example, i don't think i'd use "i'd like" with my personal friends. nycguy's explanation is already really clear, though. i think you should be fine if you just read his explanation.

    It's simple this question.
    let's take an exemple if say: i want to drink cofee (afirmative) that means i really want to drink it.
    but I'd like to drink coffee (there's a condition here), is different , may be i don't have possibility to drink it,
    an other exemple with i'd like to: if i have money i'd like to buy a book , you see what i mean , i feel like to buy a book ,but i don't have possibility depends the context.

    "I'd like" means that you want something.

    "I want" actually means that you don't want something.

    hi melody,

    when you say "I want", you are expressing your need or desire toward something, while "I like" is literally expressing your choice among many alternatives:

    ** ''What do you want?': I want to eat!
    ** 'What would you like to eat? fish, meat, vegetables or fruits': I like to eat vegetables!

    in chinese: 'WANT' is (要), while 'LIKE' is (喜欢)。。。


    nihao (song yi) melody,

    for me, "i want" expresses a strong feeling of what you'd like...
    like, "i want coffee" i think in chinese it is, "wo yao kafei"...
    "i'd like" is a shorten one for "i would like", and for me, it expresses a polite one of what you want...

    for example,

    you are talking to an older person,
    you need to say " i'd like" since the person you are talking to is older than you
    (showing respect and politeness)

    the other one is, you are talking to a friend of yours or just the same old as you are,
    you use, "i want".....(although it's also polite in away)

    and the other things is, me, i use "i would like" when i don't know the person that much
    (when i have something to request for)
    and i use "i want" to those who i am familiar with...


    Hello Melody,
    expresses the need for something that is absent , so one wishes the presence of it.
    I want to drink water.
    Here it is a physical need not just a preference. It is a necessary need to be fulfilled.
    It also expresses having a desire for something.
    I want you to stay .

    I'd like
    means want to have , prefer or wish to do something.
    I'd like a cup of tea.
    It is not crucial but I favor, prefer to have it .

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