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Ang hangal na ito ay umiiyak. / Umiiyak ang hangal na ito. / Umiiyak itong hangal. ???

My textbook has the sentence 'Ang hangal na ito ay umiiyak.' Can I also say 'Umiiyak ang hangal na ito.' or 'Umiiyak itong hangal.'?

Are there times when I can't change the word order like that?

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    hi bob,

    actually, you can interchange the sentence structure: "Ang hangal na ito ay umiiyak": "Umiiyak ang hangal na ito": "Umiiyak itong hangal" - all these sentences imply that "the fool is crying!"

    "Ang hangal na ito ay umiiyak": notice the article 'Ang'? having this article in a tagalog sentence somehow expresses that you are presenting the 'fool' who's crying. this is more formal structure of sentence among the three. in contrast however, we filipinos seldom use this structure except otherwise when doing a formal speech or something like that.

    "Umiiyak ang hangal na ito" / "Umiiyak itong hangal" : this structure is a bit informal in a sense that the speaker is actually pinpointing the crying 'fool'. The former structure is much used than the latter as the latter is slightly in a rude manner or should I say, sarcastic!

    in english, this is how they differ:

    "THE fool is crying"
    "THIS fool is crying"

    although the three sentences each having the preposition 'this' (ito), they just differ the way the speaker want to express or narrate his/her feelings.

    I hope this can help you a bit.... goodluck!


    yea. you can state that sentence in either of the two. those 2 other sentences you suggested mean the same thing with the one printed on your book

    Hi! Bob

    actually theirs no english term in word "Hangal" well as romulus say correct or you can say "this stupid was crying"

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