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Can any one recomened any good music with spanish lyrics?

can any one recomened any latin music that i can find on youtube to help my spanish also to get a feel for the language ?

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    I just listened a good song in spanish this week...
    and the lyrics are romantic,
    the name is "ella y él" and the name of the singer is Ricardo Arjona..
    hope you like it

    Hello Stephen,
    Check those you tube videos :( you will find many related videos in Spanish as well)

    Hi there!! Well music is an excellent way to acquire a language. I recommend you "Juanes" I am sure you know him, most of his songs are easy to get. Try with him!!

    "Besame Mucho" (kiss me much!) is still the best in learning basic spanish..


    what are your musical tastes? what are the kind of lyrics you expect to listen to? i recommend to look for bands from the 80's. some are quite interesting not only for music but for the lyrics and what they tell. watch up well, what kind of language you want to listen to... most of these sudamericans being famous have silly lyrics most of the times dealing with romance and these things. anyway, yours the choice, but consider that the differences between american spanish and european spanish are normally more accentuated in the musical area.
    I like Jennifer Lopez's song " Porque te marchas"

    Joaquin Sabina

    Search on you tube also
    Songs of David Bisban & Thalia .

    gipsy kings

    Hello , here you can find special music in spanish, is very nice " Rock en español" you can try it. Good luck, Bye.
    Some options: Los prisioneros, Soda Stereo, Mana, Hombres G, Andres Calamaro.... and so on.

    Hi, Stephen!!!

    Do you like pop music? Te recomiendo los grupos musicales Mecano y El sueño de Morfeo, both very nice and easy to understand.

    i recomend you '' Marco Antonio solis ''......'s very good.

    Hey, i love this song, i hope will help you.

    hey if u want to hear good music,....listen "Soda Estereo" or "Heroes del silencio"

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