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Is there love between i and Him?

I have a good male friend.He's kind to me and everyday we have a lot of things to tell each other.But rencently i'm depressed,i don't know why?Maybe because of him,sometimes i feel at loss when he tells me that he likes some girl,i'm a little jealous.Also someone finds than he likes me from his actions and the words which he says to me.I'm confused a lot.ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME?GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS,PLEASE.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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    Hello Iris,
    If he tells you "he likes some girl" ,forget him ,no matter how painful it is , he simply "doesn't like you the way you think ". He maybe considers you like a friend , just a friend . It is really better for you to face this fact sooner and consider him a friend or just pull back from the relation if you really like him more. It is a waste of time for you ,sorry for telling you that .


    if you both are shy, one of you has to put shyness apart for a while and know for sure what's going on....and then...well that's up to you. normally, advices from women in their 30s are strange....sure she will think that advices from men in their 50's are evven more strange.....anyway, as we say in my little country, when you fell like pissing, it's only you who will feel relief after going to the toilet. nobody can do it for you.

    H,i you have been given some very good advice so far, so all I can say is that this guy is just not into you.If he was, he'd ask you out. There is a very good movie about this with Jennifer Aniston[ from Friends in it] It is called 'He's just not into you'.

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