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do you think most of people here are serious about language learning ?

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    really on every place the people donot like other but we find who want to learn really who want to make friend ship and who want alot of another things but only one has it `s brain which it should control us and make us choose the ways which will make us best


    There are too many different people. There are serious people and not very serious.
    But everyone chooses its way to achieving the goal. Someone wants to walk, someone wants to ride a bicycle, and someone wants to fly in an airplane.
    I can only talk about my intentions.
    Yes, I think they are serious.

    no i don't think so but they still be some of them. a_a

    Hello Dr.R
    You will encounter all kinds of people here. Serious ones , enthusiastic ones , average ones and others who plainly use the site out of curiosity ,sort of having a look. Some show up to tease and act over silly. However you will find lots of serious regular users with whom language learning could be really interesting.

    i guess languages have become the last frontier - by now - of consume. people consume languages for no specific purpose. In the beginning, it seems that languages are something you can get easily and may open a lot of windows, doors or whatever in an easy way. i am shocked by these questions asking "where do i start learning..." or "what you recommend as a 2, 3, 4th language?" and the like...learning a language must have a purpose behind - my opinion - and a conciousness that it brings new opportunities but also new problems (of "intelectual" nature). Many years ago i read N. Chomsky asserted that compulsive wish of learning languages was an evidence of personality inmaturity. I have been looking for the text for a time. if somebody knows it, please tell me. i want to review the motives he exposes. optimistic greetings!!.

    Hi, whilst there are a quite a few dedicated to language learning there are also those whom are called 'plonkers' as the British would say.

    Do you think you're serious to post a question like that : )

    i think that all people here try to learn, but evry one have his way

    this depend why they learn new language and if they can learn

    I will not talk about people and about me it is for fun and fun only

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