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who can help me to know the traslation : sidi mansour (ya baba) and ya rayah (rachid taha)thanks!!!

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sorry, but i meant i need the traslation the letter songs.

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    Arabic is my mother language, and I will give you the answer if you want to learn arabic, these songs will not help you because they are not formal language at all, and regardling to Rasheed Taha in his country they have one of the most diffcult accent and it is true that the east arab countries speaker encounter difficulties to understand so what abou you!
    but if you just want the translation for fun i can do that for you when Argentina win the next world cup

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    it's franco arabic and it's egyption wisdom it's mean side(mr.)mansour is name ya baba (dady) and ya rayha mean(when you going) rachid taha is (name)

    sidi mansour which mean my grandfather
    ya baba = my fathar
    ya rayah= when her going
    rachid taha= rachid (name) his lost

    La verdad es que no me acuerdo exactamente de las letras de las canciones. Creo q son de marruecos, argelia o algo asi. Allah Allh ya baab sidi mansour ya baba, es un aplaudio, pero es casi una expresion coloquial, por eso no todos los arabes lo entendemos. "ya rayeh wein mesafer" significa: oh tu que te vas, a donde viajas??. Si me mandas las letras completas, intentare traducirlas para ti.

    Ah, este link tiene la canci'on, las letras, ya la traducci'on al ingles
    Espero que te guste

    Sidi mansour as you said my lord (sidi) Mansour(means from Nesr which victory) mansour could mean supported to win.
    Lord has many meanings and can be used in many contexts in arabic languages God is Lord, Yahia(john batisy)is lord isas mentionned in kuran, it can be used to one scholar or who have notoriety and power.
    Sidi mansour is one of the scholar or saint in south tunisia in sfax.
    The lyrics of song talked about him.
    Ya rayeh too from the algerian folklore talked about the rude and unsopported but obligation of immigration to other countris how they feel uprooted, stranger as they came from no where

    sidi mansour = 1- (sidi) We use the word to show respect for a person , always we use the world befor the name .
    2- (ya baba) ya = Appeal letter Ex : ya Fahad , ya mariel

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