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[English] how to improve the speed of reading!


Thanks for attending this topic! I have a problem, which the speed of my reading is very slow. It takes me much time when read the articles or books. So i want to plead your kindly suggestion about this! Thanks in advance!

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    What made you read Chinese articles so fast? isn't it because you have read them so much, and for so many years? so just read MORE, and more.
    Textbooks are always of argumentive writings, so reading some stories, and the best for a Chinese would be Gospels.

    Hi, here are a few tips for improving your speed in reading:

    Before tackling any book, always go through the book's Table of Contents first to give yourself an idea of what the book has in store.

    Skimming through the Table of Contents will reinforce certain terminology, concepts and philosophies that are at the core of any book-a practice that will help you retain information better.

    When you finally reach the reading part, don't start by going through it paragraph by paragraph. On the contrary, read only the first sentence of every paragraph at the first pass. The first sentence usually carries the main idea behind every paragraph.

    Attempting to read at the same speed for all kinds of materials is disastrous to your reading life. A pocket book romance, for example, is something that you will tackle in a breeze as opposed to, say Karl Marx's Dialectical Materialism.

    The average reader reads somewhere between 250 and 350 words per minute for easy material. The ideal reading speed, however, is between 500 -700 words per minute, although some people can read so much more than that.

    all I have to say is read, read, read, read and best of all, read. a lot of practice would definitely improve your speed at reading.


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