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Please translate this sentence from English into your mother tongue...

What is your name?
My name is ....

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    In French/en français:
    Comment t'appelles-tu? (informal)
    Comment vous appelez-vous? (informal - plural / formal - singular & plural)
    Je m'appelle...

    question: ما ءاسمك؟
    answer: ...ءاسمي
    Как ваше имя? Как вас зовут?
    Меня зовут... Мое имя...
    რა გქვიათ? თქვენი სახელი? ( ra gqviat? tqveni sakheli? )
    მე მქვია... ჩემი სახელია... ( me mqvia.... chemi sakhelia)
    անունդ ինչ է ( anund inch e? )
    իմ անունը ( eem anune)

    Як ви називаетеся?
    Я называюся... Мене звуть...

    Como te llamas?
    Me llamo...
    Greek - pos se lene?
    me lene...

    Com et dius?.....Em dic....or El meu nom és...
    hey. i see you are from tajikistan. i'd like to contact you for language purposes. your message options is not available, so i leave this message here.
    em português:
    "qual é seu nome?"
    "meu nome é..."

    What is your name? 你叫什么名字?
    My name is .... 我叫..

    Urdu: Apka kya nam hai..?
    Mera nam Arsal hai.

    Punjabi: ki naan aey tuhada"
    mera naan aey Arsal

    in Tagalog (Philippines)

    "Ano ang pangalan mo?" (what is your name)
    "Ang pangalan ko ay _____ " (my name is ___ )..


    Lithuanian= Koks tavo vardas? [ what's your name?]
    Mano vardas yra -----------------[ my name is ----------]

    Cebuano - a language widely used in the Philippines

    Question: Unsa'y pangan nimo? / Unsa'y pangalan nimo?
    Answer: Ako si _____. / Ang ngalan nako kay _____. / Ang pangalan nako kay _____.

    ra gkvia?me mkvia

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