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Do u think that follow the fashion is good for students,or bad for students

I want to find some information about this topic,so i hope that u can give some example to show ur opinion.

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    I think its ok as long as you don't:

    1. Spend yourself into debt to do it. (Many people use credit cards to buy fashion, which is sooo dangerous.) OR
    2. put fashion before school. (You're paying a lot more money to be in school, so why waste it? study hard!)

    Mostly, i think it is good ,but don't pay much attention to it. Because students' main task is study.

    Do you think that following fashion is good or bad for students?

    In an ideal word, no. That's one reason why we have uniforms, so that no kids may get bullied because of their style of clothing (or whatever their parents were able to afford).
    Students should focus completely on their studies and realise that EVERYTHING else that happens in school is NOT important in terms of the rest of their lives.
    But that's one of those things you cant teach! You only realise how stupid you were when you were a kid once you grow up and look back at how you spent your time etc.
    O well...what can you do?

    Well Livia, it depends on how old the students are. High school students like to follow fashion because in most parts of the world they wear a uniform to school.Most here wear jeans and tops. At uni most buy clothes from op [ charity] shops because they can't afford designer clothes, unless they come from a rich background.

    i think that Harriet is right ! we shouldn,t pick about it!

    if you have the money, why not? the only benefit school uniform provides is that the students doesn't have to think about what to wear to school. But conversely, also takes away a form of expression students use to show their individualism.

    livia follow the fashion is good but......but fashion should be according to social and nature

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