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What is your opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of going abroad for holidays?

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    The disadvantages are a different culture, a different language and different foods.
    The advantages are a different culture, a different language and different foods.
    It all depends on your attitude.
    If someone is the type that's going to complain about things they had in their country that they can't find abroad, then they shouldn't go.
    You should concentrate one what there is to be found in a country that you are visiting, rather than what can't.
    In the words of Sheryl Crow, it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

    Its a great idea (if you can afford it) to go abroad. You can learn a lot. Experience a new culture. Open your eyes. See amazing things. Overall its a very valuable experience. But I agree with maxey that your attitude is important in whatever you do. So make sure you go with an open mind. :D
    Enjoy. It will be a fantastic experience!

    I think the simple advantage is, You're going to have a good and quality day rest even for a short period of time.
    the disadvantage would be: You'll be spending a lot of money for that SHORT-TIME leisure.

    Better stay at home - as there is no other good place like home!


    Advantage= you can immerse yourself in a different way of life
    Disadvantages = cultural misunderstandings and most recently, plane crashes!

    1. you can experience different cultures from different countries.
    2. you can see many interesting places

    1. expensive to travel abroad
    2. got to go through the immigration process,visa etc
    3. negative attitudes face in a foreign countries

    i really love travelling abroad, for i can touch difference cutures and try new things.

    ohhh by the way, presently, the world is facing a great problem (i.e. pandemic flu outbreak) and I believe it's also one of the disadvantage travelling abroad.

    Better stay at home - as there is no other good place like home! (just a repetition)


    spending lot of money with a short time for pleasure..

    i rather save money and raise horse and cows...


    amazing question. travelling is a commodity nowadays, but countries are not yet. answer are quite curious and illustrative too. i want to know the secret of erica: how can i touch a culture? (unless there is a subtle message in here, i can't imagine any method).

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