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what is the main importance of idioms? how can we extend our knowledge in it?

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    I feel that idioms make a language more interesting and vibrant. I think mastering idioms means you're using and understanding the language more like a native speaker would. The tough part about mastering idioms is that knowing all the individual words may not help you to understand the meaning of the phrase. For example, knowing the meanings of ace and hole may not help you to understand the meaning of "An ace in the hole" (a hidden strength or advantage). I think the best way to learn idioms is probably to immerse yourself into popular culture to have more exposure to them, and ask a native speaker what they mean.

    Hello Athena,
    Idioms are sayings that reflect accumulated human experiences and are built on frequently occurring situations, that demonstrate human behavior, social traits, certain habits or tradition in a country.They almost represent life lessons and are a heritage of those accumulated events that make up the conscious of a nation or humankind in general.
    Every country or nation has got their own idioms that are specific to their own culture, while many idioms have synonyms in several countries,what refers to the equal shared human nature in many cultures. Learning the specific idioms related to a certain culture helps you learn more about the history, customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of it.
    You can know more idioms through reading: Many books,novels and articles quote many to their context relevant idioms.
    You can also purchase books about idioms * I suppose you are looking for English idioms in particular*. Check the following link for English idioms books :

    There are also several online websites with lots of idioms and their meaning such as:

    Be careful,

    Looking at lists of idioms can be interesting, but don't try to use them unless you're sure you know how to use them, especially in a test like IELTS.
    Ask people about how to use them, before you try, or you might 'put your foot in it'.

    Have fun!

    you must do a difference between idioms and expressions. idioms, sometimes get into conversation. expressions do all the times, cause people are used to them and express the feelings or ideas more efficiently in an emotional sense. You can learn idioms and it gives some informations about the language history or cultural features, but not totally. the science of idioms is called "paremology". Expressions should be studied because you are not going to find anywhere anyone who speaks his/her own language like a dictionary. anyway, some time ago i asked here for idioms in different languages but my question was closed, so if you want to interchange some in indonesian and spanish and catalan i will be glad. I have got a collection of idioms in many languages, so maybe we can have a nice talk about it.
    They witness that language is rich.

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