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spanish vs italian

Does anyone know an effective way to learn spanish and italian at the same time without mixing them up?

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    doesn't exist.

    italiano, bambina cara! :)

    It can be very difficult for adults to learn 2 languages without mixing them up, but when I was little I learnt 2 languages simultaneously.Students don't seem to have any problems learning 2-3 languages at once.

    Hello ,
    You know already that they are both similar that it is easy to confuse them.
    For example :
    I speak italian = Io parlo italiano (italian)= yo hablo italiano(spanish)
    You better start learning one of them and then after reaching an intermediate level start the other. You will find it easy to learn the other language then, however they are very similar in both vocabulary and grammar.It will require more concentration to switch between both languages due to this similarity.You need to practice them both regularly. You will find yourself often using words from the other language while speaking one of them. Don't worry about that. The more you practice each one of them separately, the more they become distinguishable and the less mix up will happen .
    Buena suerte ! (spanish) Buona fortuna ! (italian) :)

    I agree with Fede...If I were you, I'll start with ONE at a time. Grammar in Italian and Spanish are quite different, as well as the prhase's structure, but both of them are build with words that looks very much the same, so the chance of finishing speaking some kind of " itañolo" is realy high.

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