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How do you say I feel sick today In korean?

How do you say "I feel sick today" in Korean? Is it
"오늘, 나는 아파 느낌"
"오늘 메스꺼워요"

and what is the verb for "I feel" In korean?

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    나 오늘 몸이 별로 안 좋아요. Two subjects appear in one sentence in Korean. When you strike up a conversation, you can say 나 오늘 몸이 별로 안 좋아요. If someone asks you to go out with him/herself, it'd be better to omit "나" since s/he knows it's you who feels sick.

    It'd be probably helpful to see the structure. 오늘, 나는 아파 느낌 > Today, I'm sick. feeling.

    오늘 메스꺼워요 > Today it's queasy. (The subject is not obvious here.) "오늘 속이 메스꺼워요." would be what you actually meant. I usually say 오늘 속이 안 좋아요.

    Be careful not to use 은/는 very often. 은/는 is used to seperate onesef from others. Use 은/는 to describe the characteristics of the subject(like 저는 한국 사람이에요), to say something opposite to what someone else has said(전 그렇게 생각 안 해요.) If you use 은/는 without being aware of it's use, the listener could feel isolated.

    I don't think "I feel..." exists in Korean. English expressions sometimes make sense only in English.

    Hi just copy/paste it into the free online Korean-English-Korean translation service.

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