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Should religious teachings be the essential part of formal education?

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    Religion does not condemn a country to a poorer life. Without religion, the world would find other reasons to hate and be intolerant. It is human nature to hate and be intolerant. It is through proper practice of religion or cultural upbringing that we are taught to fight our animalistic natures.

    I feel that if you teach based upon one religion, you must teach based upon all. This is rather difficult and provocative. The best measure is to have a time of silence in the schools, where everyone is instructed to pray to whatever they pray to, or just be silent. Just sitting quietly for 30 minutes a day is beneficial.

    More over, whatever should be taught in schools, above everything, is self esteem, self respect, etiquette and how to treat others the way we'd like to be treated.
    It is necessary


    I believe that they should be...without any bias. The basis of ALL religions should be a compulsory (you have to do it) part of formal education. I believe that a lot of the problems the world faces today come from a lack of mutual understanding and respect for religion. I went to a Church of England (protestant christian) school and there we were taught about sikhs, hindus, jews, muslims and christians and the basis of their faiths. There was also the opportunity to visit their places of worship. My sister went to the same school. Nowadays, my parents are Church of England Christians, my sister is a practicing Muslim and I like to say that I have faith but no religion...

    Religious studies should only be part of the social studies curriculum, to give students a broad understanding of other cultures. In time, I hope it will only be part of the history curriculum.
    To use educational time to teach old myths and fables as an essential part preparing a student for future life, is to condemn the student to a poorer life.
    While it is a generalisation, it seems to me that those societies that have the strongest emphasis on religion, are those with the least tolerance and the most hate.
    Parents, prepare your children for the future, insist they have secular education. Both they and society will have a much brighter future.

    Religious education is taught in Australian private schools but not government ones.

    I believe that it would be better to have compulsory open-mindedness, meditation, relaxation, and acceptance classes.

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