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I need a Chinese mandarin teacher on msn ?i know nothing

Nihao ... i need someone to teach me Chinese prounouciation of the Pinyin ... initials and finals and some words... please hurry before i change mind and become cold ...

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Base language: English
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    chat sometimes, maybe i could help.

    hello,i am a Can i make friends with you ?and learn each other. , hope can help

    I'm lili, nice to meet you. I hope I can help you.
    My English is not very good, we study together, share together.
    Please add me!

    When I was a student of university, I teached several foreign students of Chiease, they came from Australia, USA, Korea and Japan, and teached some students of English.
    I am in Beijing, speak standard Chinese without any other accent.
    You can add me
    See you there, fun.

    Should you think it is very interesting that pinyin is so similar with alphabet for their quantities and shapes.But they have different pronunciation and usage completely.You should keep the interest and communicate with native as much as possible.Good luck:)


    A suggestion: When you post your email or msn on italki, please write it as xxx(at)xxx(dot)com
    It is to protect your safety and privacy.

    you're not threatening them, are you? " please hurry before i change mind and become cold ..." hmmm... good reverse-psychology you got there, huh!


    ok ,i`m not a teacher,i`m just a normal chinese boy ,and i also like to improve my spoken english,we can talk any thing we want on msn if you want ,by the way for free O(∩_∩)O~
    my msn


    " please hurry before i change mind and become cold ..." I understand it is your frustration on learning Chinese.When we decided to learn a launguage, we must treat them seriouslly and prepare for the learning.otherwise, we do not get much we expected to get.let alone Chinese is not a easy language at all. So just to stick to , do not give up!
    I am a Chinese (mandarin )teahcer with teaching experience . if you really need a teacher, I will be glad to be with you . more about me see my profile please.
    we can use the chat tool teach each other.:)

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