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What does "Amor vou ligar logo,estou no campo" mean?

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    "Amor vou ligar logo,estou no campo"
    Honey I'll call you soon, I'm in the field(soccer field), I think.

    soccer field?? that doesn't make sense. i think it's like "Honey I'll call you soon, i'm in the country"

    I believe that their answers are right. However if you say - "Amor te ligo logo, estou na roça" - It will sounds more natural, especially if you are speaking in Brazilian Portuguese.
    The word 'roça' can mean farm, field in where one growns vegetables or plants such as lettuce and so on.
    Anyways if you wanna say that you are in the soccer field... You should say this - "Amor te ligo logo, estou no futebol" - Translating literally to English, the bit after the comma will sound strange - "Honey I'll call you soon, I'm in the soccer".

    I hope it may help you.

    "estou no campo" in the truth is "estou na roça", this is a slang that mens "I'm with a problem"

    Since it is very probable that someone staying at the country cannot communicate by mobil phone (at least in Brazil) I suppose that could be a message of someone with no phone service around, only being able to send small messages: "I call you later, when I have an ordinary phone service avaliable". But that is only supposition.

    I would rewrite like this, by literal writing:
    - My love I'll call you soon, I'm in the camp.
    ...campo is like any kind of area or spot: Rural sites, farms, sport fields, industrial or of university specific places. Fit it as you like. :-)

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