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Is Arabic the Main Language of Islam? Or is it Urdu?

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    Yes, it's Arabic. Noble Quran is in Arabic and we muslims make rituel prayer in Arabic too.

    yas . arabic main language of aslam but you can read about islam in english (

    your question is not clear. if you mean arabic is the most used among muslims, i'll say no. just some information: the original source of islam is in arabic as quran is written in the language used at the time in the area it was written. later on, some other languages were used in the production of islamic religious literature. after arabic, persian is number one in production even of original works. also turkish (osmanli) had a role, but in more specific areas. modernly any language of traditionally muslim countries have production of works. urdu is very modern, as it is malay/indonesian.
    as i guess that you are someone converted to islam or of muslim descent and want to deepen into the suppossed culture of islam, i'll tell you that under islam exist many cultures and it is not necessary to learn any specific language unless you want to specialize in any matter inside religion for academic purposes whatsoever.. normal muslims have not much knowledge of their literary heritage, as christians don't know necessarily latin, greek or hebrew, budhists, sanskrit or pali, or any others, the classics of their own comunity.

    the main language of islam is the arabic
    and there is no connection between arabic and urdu

    all the muslims have to pray by "Quran" in arabic language even the turkish or malaysian or any other place
    the answers are almost the same with Eda and Multani.

    Arabic is a must in as a language of Islam. For an example when reciting the Holy Quran and doing the salat (prayers)
    Reciting or pronuncing the Holy Quran ( Kalimallah - Words Of Allah Subhanallahu Taala) MUST be in best possible manner/way to one's ability. Learning to read and recite the Holy Quran ( Tajweed) as well as understanding the meaning/translation is a compulsory to all Muslims. This followed by practising the Commands which God (ALLAH) have send down to us.

    The arabic words in the Holy Quran ( WORDS OF ALLAH) isnt that similar to other languages or dialects use in the middle east country.
    Urdu has some words related to arabic words because of the influence of Islam.

    some similar words in arabic words use in some countries are many.
    for example : DUNYA ( Turkish, Urdu and Jawi or Malay)
    another example : zaman ( turkish, malay, Jawi and Pakistan)
    these are some i can think of right now :)

    Thank you for sharing this question

    Arabic is the first language in the language of Islam, the Koran, and that anyone can read the interpretation of the Koran in any language he wanted.
    I would advise reading the Koran and you can not Vasamaoh

    the Massanger of god spoke in arabic only, so any thing related to islam in arabic language, but that does not mean to be a muslim you need to speak arabic, what i want to say you can be a muslim better than the arabic speakers with out speaking arabic language.

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