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Can you help translate this for me to chinese its urgent!


Did I disappoint you? Did I let you down? why do you not love me any more / any longer?

The best i came up with is 我失望了你吗,我辜负了你吗?为什么你不再爱我呢

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    我失望了你吗 is not correct. The reason is the action 失望 is from you, not me. I make you feel disappointed. So the correct form is 我让你失望了。

    ok. I thought about it once more, and maybe it is better to say like this: 是不是我让你失望了?是不是我不争气让你寒心了?为什么你不再爱我了呢?

    I think my first translation is not incorrect, but it's a very direct asking why. A very sensative person (really depends your tone of saying these sentenses and who your object of saying is... ) may think you blame him a bit. But I am really not sure ! I am a girl. So, Chinese male friends, plz tell us your feelings about the above two translations. Thanks.


    Waterdream's translation is good.

    Ting said:'是不是我让你失望了?' It sounds too desperate, and in English it would be 'I disappoinrted you, didn't I?'

    These words look like a poet or a song.Guess of your country,right?



    辜负is good use.

    good .


    Did I disappoint you?我让你(令你)(使你)(导致你)失望了吗?or 我辜负你了吗?
    Did I let you down?我让你不开心?or 我令你难过
    why do you not love me any more / any longer? 为什么你不再爱我?

    Did I disappoint you? 我有让你失望过吗?
    Did I let you down? 我有辜负过你吗?/我有置你于不顾吗?/我有做对不起你的事情吗?
    why do you not love me any more / any longer? 为什么你不再爱我了呢?


    失望is a verb. it means lose hope or confidence. in english, you say i disappoinrted you,didn't i?but in chinese, we say 我令你失望了吗?我使你失望了吗?我让你失望了吗?in these sentences, "令、使、让"means make.I make you feel disappointed.,do i?让in chinese grammar,the pivotal sentence is also a sentence with a verbal predicate.its predicate is composed of two verbal phrases.the object of the first verb is simultaneously the subject of the second verb.the first verb in a pivotal sentence should be a verb with a meaning of "making"or "ordering"somebody to do something.


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