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Who needs the other. Men or women?

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yes.i know
Both need each other

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    men need the woman and vice vers ca. each one complete the other don't you think?


    Sarah: We both need eachother. But we have to accept this fact, not with our mind but with our heart.

    we need each other because without men women can't live and without women men can't live

    look my friend two hands are beter than one

    Me want woman!!

    they complete each other.

    Both are made for 'each other'...

    they both need each other.just like the fish needs water and the water twist fish.

    "wo" needs "men" to be "women".
    But who is "wo"?!? Must be wo'men' without "men"!!;)

    both needs each other i can ewplain
    the man needs a woman always beside him as a partenaire in his daily life to console him in the bad moments and share him the good moments because it is the humain nature and vice versa with th e woman
    the wiman feel comfortable when she finds a man who treats her faithfully so ib this case she will traet him the same
    Have you learn of which every person is a angel with single wing,so we only need to hug other to fly?

    yes ,need each other,so the world have the men and the women


    yes,i agree with you

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