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Qual o significado da palavra " get " . Quando devo usar ?

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" to get "

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    ++ "to get down" (baixar de -o- ficar triste -o- dançar entusiasticamente -o- copular)

    "Get down from that tree!"
    "I get down when it rains."
    "People were really getting down at the party."
    "I should warn Carla that Paul just wants to get down with her."

    ++ "to get along" (interagir em uma maneira amistosa -o-- estar vivendo)

    "Henry still gets along well with his ex-wife."
    "How have you been getting along since last time we talked?"

    ++ "to get through" (perseverar até o fim)

    "I just have to get through final exams; then I can sleep normally again!"

    ++ "to get by" (evadir -o- continuar sem certas necessidades ou luxo)

    "I don't know how John got by me! I never saw him leave!"
    "I lost my job, so I will just have to get by on savings for a while."

    ++ "to get over" (deixar de definhar sobre)

    "Susan broke up with you a year ago, Tom. You need to get over her!"

    ++ "I can't get over ..." (declaração de descrença amistosa)

    "I can't get over how much your son has grown in a year!"

    ++ "to get away with" (fazer um erro / crime sem conseqüência / punição)

    "Victor gets away with being disrespectful to teachers because he is handsome."

    ++ "to get away with murder" (fazer tudo o que alguém quer fazer sem más conseqüências)

    "He gets away with murder! His parents never punish him!"

    ++ "getaway" (umas férias curtas, muitas vezes espontâneo)

    "We are going on a little getaway to the mountains this weekend."

    The question is unclear. However, "get" has many meanings in English. Here are some of the most common meanings:

    "I need to get milk." (obter)

    "I don't get angry easily." (ficar)

    "I get two weeks of vacation each year." (receber)

    "When will mom get home?" (chegar)

    "I don't get the meaning of that sentence." (entender)

    "Get away from the stove!" (ir-se)

    Here are some other idioms (idiomas):

    ++ "Get out of here!" ("Vá-se!" -o- "É assombroso!")

    A: "Did you hear that Sarah is pregnant with triplets?"
    B: "Get out of here!" (or "Get out!")

    ++ "Get lost." ("Vá-se!")

    "Get lost, Steve! I TOLD you -- I don't want to date you!"

    ++ "to get even" (buscar a vingança)

    "Robert got even with his sister by cutting her hair while she slept."

    ++ "to get up" (levantar-se -o- despertar-se)

    "Please get up. I need to vacuum the carpet there."
    "I get up at 6:00AM every day."

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