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may u write these names by Chinese alphabet? Hasan – Hoseyn – Nika – Rakhsh - KHorshid

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    Hello Nika,
    In Chinese there are no Latin alphabets a b c . It is rather a pictorial representation of sounds and words * hanzi* that have been romanized and transcribed in an alphabetical form called *pinyin*.
    For example a simple Chinese Character like 我 doesn't represent one letter in English alphabet but is read in pinyin as "wo" .
    Therefore writing those names you mentioned in Chinese Character is only possible with a modification of the name by dividing it into syllables and modifying them into existing characters in Chinese Hanzi.
    For example the name " Hasan" could be divided into
    "Ha" and "San"
    The possible characters for "Ha" :
    哈 ha1 breath out with the mouth open
    蛤 ha2 frog ,tod , clam
    The characters for "san":
    三 san1 the number 3
    参 san1 gingseng or join , enter
    散 san3 break up , let out , distribute
    伞 san3 umbrella
    糁 san3 to mix
    毵 san1 long-haired
    You could combine them to write "hasan" . The word will not necessarily have a meaning like 哈毵 or it could sometimes have a meaning.

    In the case of "Nika": "ni" "ka"
    尼 ni2 Buddhist nun
    倪 ni2 a surname
    妮 ni1 girlie

    佧 ka3 the Wa nationality
    咖 ka1 coffee
    so 倪 佧 would mean 'ni' a girls surname of Wa nationality,but it will be used only for pronunciation purposes for Chinese literate to be able to pronounce the sound of the name" Nika".

    In case of "Hoseyn"
    You will not find characters pronounced as "hos " or "eyn"so you will have to modify them as follows for example :
    黑色呢 hei1se4ni2
    黑色 hei1se4 black
    呢 ni2 wool coating or suiting

    Khorshid could be:
    *Notice the modification in pronunciation as well*
    口热舍得 kou3re3she3de
    口 kou3 mouth ,opening , the edge of a draft animal
    热 re4 heat ,warm, eager
    舍 得 she3de be willing to part with or use

    The nearest possible for "Rakhsh" could be for example:
    日可是 ri4ke3shi4
    ri4 sun ,daytime , time
    可是 ke3shi4 however ,yet

    I think you better consult some Chinese natives to correct me or to give you further idea about forming such names.

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