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Can somebody please help me understand this sentance

Mei guanxi. Women keyi zai houche shang duo shui si ge xiaoshi.

I think it means it doesn't matter we can board the train and sleep for four hours. Am I right or wrong?

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There is no word in the sentance that means 'another' though is there? And thank you all for your answers!

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    It doesn't matter, we can sleep on the train for another four hours.

    you are right.


    As Guderian said, 'for another four hours'. It's what this sentence emphasize, don't neglect this meaning. So you are not exactly right.

    Train in pinyin = huoche

    I think it is rather :
    在火车上 not 再火车上!

    your spelling is wrong . not'hou' .is'huo' the meaning of 'huo' is 火

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