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I need help translating these phrases to italian.

I'm working for a bus tour company and I need some help translating these following phrases to Italian!

1. "We have two different routes; the green and the orange"

2. "At each stop you can get off the bus, have a look around for as long as you like, and then catch the next bus"

3. "The buses come every fifteen-twenty minutes ."

4. "The price is X and you can ride with the busses as much as you want from nine in the morning till eight in the evening."

5. "This tour takes you to all the major sites in this city"

6. "onboard the bus you can listen to an audio guide in Italian"

7. "Thank you and have a nice trip!"

8. "You can switch between the routes at the four transfer points"

9. " Both routes are included in the price"

10. "We have a discount for seniors"

Thank you so much for your help!


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    Hi . In future, you could use this site. Just enter both Italian and Swedish words into the search field. When the search button is pressed the server returns translations ..

    You may use google translation, Go to my website at, enter keyword "google translate" into the search engine to search. You will find several options.

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