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How to increase our interest learning new language?

For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: English
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    Hello Rose,
    *By having a motivation to learn that language in the first place.
    Bearing in mind that you are traveling in a few months to the country speaking that language or that you are going to pursue some studies in that language all make you more determined to learn it eagerly.

    *Rendering the learning process interesting and entertaining by using means that are not boring or tedious. Trying to learn the language by reading material in the area of your interest or by playing some educational games.

    * Getting to know natives and conversing with them. Learning about the culture of the language you are learning and traveling to that country will give you the opportunity to learn a lot on spot. You will mingle with natives, get introduced to habits, visit historical sites etc and during this process you will learn lots of words and phrases associated with the life of the people in that country. That is a very interesting way to learn a language. When you come back home you will find it easier to pursue your study since it will be connected with a vivid experience that you had with the people and the language.

    * Making friendships with natives speaking that language will make you more eager to learn to be able to converse with them. If you happened to fall in love with a native, that will give you enough of a boost ;)
    Good luck anyways:)

    Hi, I find that cooking food from that country is a big incentive.

    If you found a person or things that interested you. You will increase your desire to learn that new...

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