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Can anybody please help me understand this sentance?

Ni neng bu neng xian gaosu wo qu zhe liang ge difang dagai dei duoshao qian?

I think it means first can you tell me approximately how much it will cost to go to these two places? But I don't understand the significance of the dei (need/ must) in the sentance?

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    I think the word 'dei' (得) would literally translated the sentence to: "could you tell me how much do I need to go to these places....."

    "duo shao qian (多少钱)?" is simply asking "how much (money)?"

    therefore, the word 'dei' becomes imperative in that sentence to mean how much exactly the asker must have to go to those places.

    sometimes you need to understand how chinese syntax / grammar structure is formed since their language is not translated into english as exact as it can be.

    thanks for your question anyway, I learned something from it too.


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