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What do you think is the best thing about summer?

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    It's winter here in Australia. I long for the warmth of summer, the smell of flowers, eating outside and daylight saving hours.

    umm,,, I can watch fireworks in the summer festival!

    mini skirt~lol

    swimming , summer day , do whatever you want , real rest for yourself own


    Going to the beach, Las Vega trip!

    beach ,beach and beach ,after dance ,dance and dance dans une boite de nuit :)

    I am going to climb Mountain Huang in my hometown of china.

    It's too hot! so I think staying at home is the best!

    If you stay in Malaysia for long, you will miss Spring, Winter & Autumn. It is hot & humid here.

    studying English and German

    swimming , ice cream, for girls youcan show your charming appearence.

    Gatherings of family and friends.


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