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what does 떠올리다 mean?

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    떠올리다 means "recall". In direct meaning it actually means "raise on the surface". It is often used when you imagine something in your mind.

    one: it means "rise" (vt)
    eg:지난주 일이 눈앞에 떠올렸어요.
    it means: Last week's matter was rised before my eyes.

    Sorry, but it doesn't means rise. It means to raise as in 올리다; 흥분시키다,불러 일으키다; 초래하다; 양육하다, 기르다 .
    Other meanings are:
    to elevate, arouse; scoop, pick up material with a shovel or similar tool, dig out Examples :
    기분을 북돋우다, 고양시키다, 의기 양양하게 하다; 높이 올리다;...
    깨우다(잠, 비활동적인 상태로부터); 자극하다, 환기시키다; 일어나다,... 푸다, 퍼내다, 떠내다 (국자, 삽 등으로); 특종을 내다; 파내다,...
    파내다, 캐내다
    Hope it helps, give me a shout !
    Don't Worry and Be Happy :-)

    I think ,,, 떠올리다 is " remind"

    sorry,but i must say something for the guy in the second floor. doesn't has just only one mean,OK?
    "rise before one's eyes" is one expression of what 떠올리다 means in sentence,i think.
    please read question carefully.

    PS:i agree the meaning what the kind guy in the third floor said.
    Finally,Sara~~~come on~~fighting~O(∩_∩)O~

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